英語教育講義 授業レポート2

ACCESS stands for Automatization in Communicative Contents of Essential Speech and Segments.
TBLT means Task-based Language Teaching. Michael Long is famous for the idea, and Rod Ellis wrote some books about TBLT.
PCA is acronym of Principle Communicative Approach. 


英語教育講義 授業レポート1

CLT stands for Communicative Language Teaching. (the latter 1960~, UK)
That composed by pair works and role-play and so on.
It is Noam Chomsky's theory.  In addition, the idea has some problems, for example, it is difficult to promote fluency automatically with open-ended communicative activities.


BR: int. Ⅳ-3 California


Everyone has heard of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Everyone has seen films from Hollywood. But what else do we know about California? This book looks at the cities and the mountains, at the sea and deserts. It looks at the history of this exciting state, at the gold miners of 1849 and at San Francisco and its earthquakes.

If you hear about California, what do you image in your mind? In my case, I came up with a famous bridge, San Andreas Fault, Disneyland, and Hollywood. Maybe we all know about the name of something like that, but we don't explain and talk clearly about it. By the way, I have been thinking that I want to go California in the future, because I love movies and wanted to experience the scale and setting of some Hollywood movies by myself. So I decided to read this book and learn not only the base knowledge but the history and background.

According to the history, on January 24, 1848, nine days before the end of the Mexican-American War, thirty-six-year-old James Wilson Marshall was looking on the land, eighty kilometers east of Sutter's Fort, which was the later to become the city of Sacramento. Suddenly he saw something bright and yellow in the river. Looking more carefully he discovered small pieces of gold. After that, a local newspaper told the bid discovery  story, and lots of lots of people from all over the world came to there to find out golds. And now, we call the people, who tried to looking for, "Fourty-niners." because most of them arrived in 1849. In addition, we call the event "The Gold  Rush."

On April 18, 1906, there was a terrible earthquake in San Francisco. The earthquake destroyed about 5,000 buildings immediately, and 3,000 people died and 300,000 people lost their homes in fire and the earthquake. Today, the buildings in San Francisco are much stronger. They are specially stand up well in earthquake, so in 1989, when there was another earthquake in the city, only eleven people died and 1,800 lost there homes. When I was a high school student, I have learned about the San Andreas Fault in the geography class. After reading this book, I could know the relationship between the lots of earthquake in California and the San Andreas Fault. Actually, California has many hills and mountains and that is attracting many visitors now. I think that the sacrifice and experience of many earthquakes made recent California and that of sightseeing places.

Lying between the San Gabriel mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles is one of the world's largest cities. There are nearly nine million people living in the city, and it is more than 10,000 square kilometers i size. American film makers first came to Los Angeles because the weather was good all through the year, and because Californian workforces were cheap, who are from China to earn money as much as possible. If we visit there, we should go Dodger Stadium and watch the Los Angeles Dodgers play baseball. At different times of the year, we can also see American football games, ice hockey, and horse racing. Around Los Angeles, the sixty four kilometers of cast, including Malibu, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach is what Los Angeles people call 'the beach'. Surfers from all over the world come to Malibu's Surfrider Beach. I have never tried to ride on surfboard, but if my dreams to go to California, I would try to be a surfer like that people.

Escotte, John.(2000). California. Oxford: Oxford University Press.




1. Myth of Ireland

2. Irish famed tourists spots

  Ireland has many tourists spots and used for setting of some movies. We have given presentation about that by using some movie quizes.

 Skellig Michael island is used for Star Wars. Skillig Michael island has religious houses made by the Celts, and there is a world heritage of Ireland. Only summer seasons, you can take a boat and land on the island.
 Cliffs of Moher is located in Liscannor, and there is famous for Sea Staek.
 Long room of Trinity College Library has so many historic wooden shelf and has oldest 200,000 books in this college.

 Wicklow Mountains National Park is used for ''P.S I love you.'' There is called ''the yard of Ireland. If you visit there, would you like to drive there as the movie ''P.S. I love you.''

3. Irish music
     Van Morrison, Seams Heaney, Paul Brady, and U2 are famous bands of Ireland. We introduce about that. U2 is well known rock band, and they got grammy award for 22 times. They marked high record of 97,014 visitors in solo concert. One of the features of their group is their songs have strong massage, and theme of social problem such as religious conflicts, anti-nuclear movements. After that, we sang the national anthem of Ireland with audience.

4.Irish traditional game
   At last we introduced one of the Irish traditional game and played it.


BR: int. Ⅳ-2 Ireland


There are many different Irelands. There is the Ireland peaceful rivers, green fields and beautiful islands. There is the Ireland songs and dance, pubs and theaters- the country James Joyce, Bob Geldof, and Riverdance. And there is the Ireland of guns, fighting, death, and the hope of peace. Come with us and visit all of these Irelands- and many more...

Before reading the book ''Ireland,'' I didn't know anything about Ireland, because I know and maybe many people know about the UK by learning geography, history, or social study and so on at school, but we didn't focus on the Ireland. And maybe there are people who think that Ireland is one of the country. Actually, I've been thinking about that until elementary school student. Ireland is a part of the UK, and that has so many histories of blood, bomb, and death before merger with England. Not all but I learned about that by reading the book. Of course it has interesting and funny contents like drinking habits, traditional music, and films.
     The most attractive point of the book is about the story of the Red Hand of Ulster. Now we can see Red Hand of the flags of Northern Ireland. If you read this book, you would know the pictures meaning about why ancient people draw a red, like blood, hand on their flag. To learn why it is so important, we need to learn a little more about Irish history.

     In addition, I found a good information about Ireland by while reading the book. It makes me very very happy that the one of islands in Ireland was used in places appearing in Star Wars, because I love it so much. At the last scene of episode Ⅶ of the Star Wars, main character Rey gave Luke the lightsaber which was used by him so ling time, at the place! When I saw the picture of the place, I remembered quickly. Due to the event, I decided to visit there someday.

     By the way, in the British literature's class  at my university, we 2nd year students learned about Gulliver's Travels written by Jonathan Swift who is one of the most famous and popular writer in Ireland, and he was born in Dublin. In his book, Gulliver's Travels a man called Gulliver visits many strange countries. In Lilliput all the people are about ten centimeters high and in the country of the Houyhnhnms horses are clever than people. But when Gulliver comes home, nobody believes his stories.If you want to know about everything of Ireland, please try this book. You will want to go to there by reading the book!

Vicary, Tim. (1998). Ireland. Oxford: Oxford University Press


BR: Int.Ⅳ-1 Skyjack!


When a large plane is hijacked, the Prime Minister looks at the list of passengers and suddenly became very, very frightened. There is a name on the list that the Prime Minister knows very well- towel. There is someone on that plane who will soon be dead- if the hijackers find out who he is! And there isn't much time. One man lies dead on the runway. In a few minutes the hijacker will use their guns again. And the Prime Minister knows they are going to kill. (back cover)

Long time non see everyone, did you have a good summer vacation? My answer is yes, and I visited many places where I've never been to in this summer, for example Viet Nam, by PLANE! Eventually, I got on board for 7 times! One of them from Hanoi to Da Nang, my plane was shaking horribly, and I hoped that the plane doesn't fall. When we are in the plane in the air, even if the plane has some accident or some case like hijack, we could do nothing at all, that is why there are many people who don't like get to board. After came to here Kumamoto from my summer trip, I fount the book named Skyjack! by chance. The book is just about hijack. I already thought about that through my trip, so it was very interesting and easy to read. I could emphasize well. If you have some experience like me, please try the book!

Vicary, Tim. (2000). Skyjack! Oxford: Oxford University Press


BR: 3-13: The dark side of the city

The name is Nat Marely. I've been a private investigator in New York for over ten ears. Before that, I was in the police. 

The book I read is about a Yew York investigator. He is not rich but he try to solve all client's request eagerly. One day, a businessman call and come to meet him. His request is about his sister's husband named Ellis. He seems to have some problems in his work and his life. Can investigator find out some elements related in the problem and solve it?  Pleas read it!

英語教育講義 授業レポート2

ACCESS stands for Automatization in Communicative Contents of Essential Speech and Segments. TBLT means Task-based Language Teaching. Mic...